Jun 29, 2009

what a weekend.

This weekend was interesting. I didn't do nearly any of the things I wanted, including wallpapering my wall with removable wallpaper. Turns out the wallpaper was not what I wanted, which I found out only after I cut it to fit. Argggh.

Friday was fish and chips at Eamons, the dublin chipper. Yumm. And ice cream near the old town waterfront.

Also didn't really go to anything I was planning to on Saturday. Instead made black and white cookies and helped Annie move, snacked at Dairy Godmother, and went to see Chris Davies and Dan Jennejohn play music in Herndon. Still all good things.

Sunday was church things and a trip to Folklife Festival - there are some great things to see on the mall right now, including Wales exhibits and storytelling from African American voices. Then a trip to the visitors center to see the Mo Choir of Washington sing a 4th of july concert.

This weekend was semi exhausting and my brain feels like swiss cheese today. You know what? i really miss new york.


hanner said...

what? you know dan jennejohn? i love him. we worked together at the moa at byu.

JD said...

you were in herndon and didn't inform me? for shame.

another great thing that went on a block from the mall this weekend: the national bbq pork festival. you could smell the 'cue as soon as you stepped off metro at federal triangle.