Jun 11, 2009

passion pit and harlem shakes.

saw them at the black cat on tuesday.

harlem shakes? yes. got there halfway through their set, but enjoyed what they had to offer. TH and I talked to them afterwards and they were SO nice! nothing like good people to brighten your concert-going experience.

passion pit? yikes. it was ok, but kind of annoying. we danced. i almost got in a fight with a 19 year old co-ed.

the show was in high attendance by the 18-21 year old populus. those kids who don't really know how to hold their liquor and are silly to begin with, and it just spirals downward.

it was nice to be with TH, but we'll think twice about electronic shows before attending again.

1 comment:

Sherpa said...

Great song!

I concur about the 18-21 crowd.