Jun 18, 2009

Loeb's NY deli

In search of the perfect black and white cookie. The search took me to Loeb's NY deli, just a few blocks away from my office. Had an extremely overpriced tuna sandwich, but they serve borscht and latkes, so I might be making a return visit. Actually, they didn't have black and whites today so I'll definitely be making return visits until I eat a cookie.

Cool lunch spot, but a little overpriced. I liked the owner who flirted with me a little when I was paying. He was a new yorker in a previous life. So was I. That life seems like years ago, when in fact it was just 18 days ago.

I tried black and whites at Brown Bag the other day and yucko. Cookie was too spongey and the frosting was granular. I know DC must serve up some good black and whites. Anyone know of a good spot??

1 comment:

JD said...

every time I hear/see the black and white cookies, I just think of the Seinfeld episode where he eats one and it makes him puke. hilarious.