Jun 4, 2009

some pictures from the last hurrah as a new yorker.

The last couple days were dedicated almost entirely to museum-ing and shopping.

I only have pictures of museuming, sadly. I went to The Cloisters in upper manhattan and was kicking myself for not going earlier. It is AMAZING. And I learned a valuable lesson - ALWAYS, ALWAYS get the audio guide if you're able to. It makes the experience so much more interactive. And plus it looks awesome when you walk around with a headset, like you are a foreign visitor.
The Cloisters

A cool chair inside the cloisters. I want to replicate it when I start making furniture one magical day.

A door. A plant in the outdoor gardens.
Beautiful stained glass. More cloisters.
A cool tree in the gardens.
Ok, so then I went to the Met, because they are companion museums. If you go to one: free entry at the other!!

I really liked this sculpture. Anyone know it? And this was the desk that Louis XIV actually sat at and made important decisions like "build me more gardens" or "get me more foie gras".
This is a picture that someone drew of me when I was singing The Carpenters at a gay piano bar, Duplex, in the west village. (Awesome).
And a new day, new area. Went to grand central station. Funny story: I grew up in a family of 8, that shared one bathroom. My mom would occasionally try and take a peaceful bath that would inevitably be interrupted by her children. She always asked us: what do you think this is grand central station? When I saw all the people walking back in forth like a million rats, that memory immediately popped into my head. My mother. Never been to nyc before. She was so right.
Ok and this is another place I'd never been to - bryant park. They show movies here in the summer, which i was never keen on attending last year, but i bet they were cool.
Tribeca at sunset, right outside Bubby's Pie Company.
My last grand meal in nyc, finished off with some cherry pie.
And lastly, me and Jess. My NYCBFF. We had such a lovely dinner with all my besties there.

I miss new york!!

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Iggy Bloggit said...

i guess when you get your grad degree you can blog at work all you want, you EARNED it! let's scrap the jobs and do the furniture-making thing. i have a basement