Nov 9, 2010


i typically like to focus on the positive things in life, but let's talk about something that i hate for one sec.

the budget.

we created a budget - no scratch that - I created a budget that we started on November 1st. It was fine and great and everything was going swell. Then TH decided he needed to improve it by adding subcategories and sub-subcategories, and well that was all fine and everything until he spent EIGHT ever-loving hours on his laptop all day sunday working on the new budget.

so i am mad at the budget. the budget and i are not on speaking terms right now. it took my husband away from me on one of our only Sundays at home in a long time. so guess what i did in retaliation? i went out and blew all of our food category on cheese, canned pumpkin, icelandic butter, and a fall-inspired wreath. HA! teach you to mess with me, budget.

...and if you think it's a problem that all i have to eat is cheese, pumpkin, and butter, then we should probably get to know each other better.*

*yes, this means i am OFF the cleanse. hello again sugar! i missed you.

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