Nov 19, 2010

the ring cycle.

do you have any interest whatsoever in the following?
1. opera
2. norse myths, influenced by greek tragedy
3. lord of the rings
4. public radio
5. getting the chills

then please please PLEASE, listen to this podcast. i've now added "see the ring cycle" to my list of things to do before i die. amazing.


Lauren Kay said...

Hello! I blog stalk you. I saw The Ring Cycle in Vienna a few years ago. It was worth every minute. And when the orchestra played the famous motifs I even teared up realizing that I was actually hearing them in person. I hope you get to go someday, definitely worth it!

P-Cute said...

I happen to have the chills right now because it is -8 F here in my lovely snowy wonderland of a country. Can you even believe it? Anyways, I will be in the DC area Dec 5! We will be staying with family friends in North Potomac (fancy;) ) for the month of Dec while we apartment hunt for a Jan 1 move in. I want to craft with you too! Wherein we shall eat kale and candy and have no regrets. I may be asking you for some neighbourhood advice as we are not sure exactly where to go given our circumstances (work in NE part of DC and school in Fairfax). I can't wait!! We will also buy all manner of stripy clothing together. xoxo ;)