Nov 1, 2010

sick day.

guess i had too much fun this weekend. woke up this morning with bad stomach (mal estomago), so taking a day away from work. sitting at home in my jams, sleeping and watching movies, and trying to not dream about bread.
i had really odd dreams about tornados and escaping from avalanches and old boyfriends. i kind of don't want to go back to sleep!
hope i feel better tomorrow - it's a big week with work, and we have tickets to see Oklahoma! tomorrow, and then we take off Friday for NYC to celebrate abby and travis getting married! so excited for friday.
i didn't get much into the halloween spirit this year, minus the pumpkin we carved into a DC flag and the s'mores party at the hamills complete with errant trick-or-treating teenagers. and now it is november, my favorite of all months. hooray.

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hanner said...

sad you are sick! at least you can safely say it wasn't od'ing on s'mores. did your pumpkin stay in tact?