Nov 11, 2010

on procrastination.

it's getting worse, my procrastination.

i used to push things off for a week or so, maybe a month, but with my hectic schedule and newly married life, i have failed in so many departments. and i think i can chalk it up to some major procrastination.

we have been in our apartment for 9 months. it never really reached its potential because i am much more indecisive about decorating than i thought i'd be. so it just doesn't get done and i sit around every night wondering what i should do about it.
result: our lease is almost up and i think we'll be moving in february, so now there's not really a point in decorating and buying the perfect ottoman.

which is why i'm terribly happy that christmas is coming so i can just decorate our place with christmasy things until we move. problem solved.

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