Nov 8, 2010

new york, new york.

i have a huge nyc shaped hole in my heart.

i will probably never stop missing it, with its beautiful neighborhoods*, its ridiculous food**, its bagels spilling out of every bakery, its pizza making schools...its cobblestoned...wait - did i just PIZZA MAKING SCHOOL?


Pizza a Casa. For $150 bucks you can spend 4 hours with the pizza expert, learning how to make the best dough, working with a regular oven to get the best crust, tomato sauce, etc. I cannot think of a better way to spend 4 hours, unless maybe we're talking about eating cinnamon rolls while shopping. cause i like that too, quite a bit.

Who wants to make pizza!?

*our hotel was so beautiful!:
the andaz in wall street. priceline for $120!!

**this trips new york eats:
the doughnut plant
baked by melissa
wall and water
best pizza near penn station - arome


naomi megan. said...

STOP IT. you are making the hole in my heart for nyc bigger too.

sigh. just glad one of us got to the donut plant in the last little while. boy does that sound like heaven.

Camilla Leila said...

you're kidding - $120 a night??

my fiance and i just went to new york last weekend and had to stay with friends because we couldn't find anything for under 250.

bookmarking this hotel right now.