Nov 23, 2010

what our house looks like this week.

i hate the cat. i love lizzie, but she drains the energy right out of me. honestly, i've never worked so hard. right now she's "asking" me "could you get me another cookie?" and now "i told you, get me another cookie". the girl doesn't quit.
we've gone to museums, to the zoo, made cookies, played with her dolls, read books, walked around the neighborhood, pizza and milkshakes, playground, legos, etc. and she still has so much energy. the old lady in me just wants to sit around all day, so i'm glad she's here to force me out of the house.
back to the cat. the cat is up in my face 24-7, requiring my attention, and i guess i'm just not a cat person. lizzie, every time she sees the cat, cuddles up to him and says "ohhhh baaaaabe". it's hilarious. the cat likes to hide out in lizzie's little fort and if you walk by it, you WILL get scratched or bitten and then I get a little upset.
needless to say, i'm having fun, but rest assured that i'm not having children anytime soon and i'm never ever having a cat. i've always been a dog person anyway.
ok, gotta run to get lizzie a cookie.


Laura K said...

dont worry, jules, if you do decide to have one, they dont come out three years old and on an all-sugar diet. that happens gradually, giving you time to adjust to going crazy.

hanner said...

lol to your sister's comment.

HOW can you hate the cat? i just don't understand non-cat people. you hear me julie? YOU HEAR ME??

Laura K said...

and tell me it isnt exciting knowing that at any moment, you may be walking into an ambush. a cute fluffy ambush.

Lars said...

Remember when I stayed at your house and how I couldn't breathe everytime I walked in the front door. Yeah, I'm not a cat person either.

Jen Evans said...

Ooooooh baaaaabe! She gets it from me. I loves my cat. I noticed some sort of twine contraption built on the cat carrier. But I am betting Hopdini escaped. Correcto?