Nov 4, 2010

on eating.

last night i made a stir fry with so many vegetables, i almost cried of happiness. and then i put it next to some millet that was so mushy i almost cried of sadness. oh, you diabolical grain, i WILL figure you out.
and you too, lentils.i'm on day 11 of the cleanse. i haven't broken any rules yet, but haven't been super diligent in drinking all the vegetable juice and eating of the sauerkraut. it's hard, people, but with some planning i'm learning how my body likes to be fed, and that feels pretty good.

willpower is the name of this game and i'm just proud of myself for getting almost halfway through this. and i'm learning it's not about cleansing, necessarily - this is also teaching me how to cook new things, how to eat healthy, and how to be creative with food. it's tough sometimes to find time to cook and teach yourself the hard things, like how to make good beans, how to make a soup, how to steam Kale just perfectly.

so, i'm heading to NYC this weekend for a wedding, and I might have to cheat the cleanse a little. shhh...don't tell. but you try to go to NYC and not eat a bagel or a sweet.


Camilla Leila said...

bahaha, i love that you called it a diabolical grain.

Miss B. said...

look how much patience you have to line up your vegetables so orderly. well done.

Jen Evans said...

My veggie art would have like 50 mushrooms, 1 squash, and a jug of olive oil. Yum. And candy corn. That's a veggie, right?

The Danimal said...

whaaaa??!!! what cleanse are you doing??!! it sounds right up my alley.

I can never figure out a supplement for grains. I heart them so.