Nov 3, 2010

my favorite thing about today.

Lizzie's story, from my sisters blog (private). Lizzie is my 3-year old niece, who I get to babysit later this month while my sister is on vacation. and by babysit, i mean hang out with and have a super fun time with a girl who's idea of a good time is painting your nails and eating cookies. Hello!

Guess What

Setting: Lizzie and I are playing Guess Who.

Lizzie: Are you wearing earrings?
Me: No, Lizzie, ask something like "Are you a woman?"
Lizzie: Are you a woman?
Me: No. Are you a man?
Lizzie: ARRRGHHH!!!!
Me: What??
Lizzie: Which ones are the womans? The boys or the girls!?

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