May 11, 2011

best week ever.

beaches, babies, the zoo, dates with friends, best weather ever...

seriously, this week has been pretty great and will only get BETTER with the delivery of our long-awaited sofa on Friday. a sofa! in mine house! i cannot wait and also i'll believe it when i see it.

thank you for all your sweet congratulatory comments and excitement! i was dying inside every day holding that big secret in, so i'm thrilled to be sharing with friends. we only told family and a couple of close friends when we found out about baby. i thought i was about 6 weeks along when we found out but it turns out i was only 4 weeks! so waiting these past couple months has been super extra long, and i'm terribly impatient. but it was also nice to have that special little thing between me and TH for awhile.

and thanks for indulging my "i have a baby bump" teensy tiny baby bump photo. when i took that picture, TH was yelling "stop pushing your stomach out!" and i was sheepishly yelling back "i'm tired of just looking like i just ate a pound of spaghetti!" so maybe my baby bump is really teeny, but i'm still proud of it. there were about a million pregnant women on the beach at TCI (all first time mamas taking their babymoons, i'm sure) and they all had such cute rotund bellies. i would try and push mine out so people knew i was legit, but i don't think it worked. i think they all suspected a margarita and chips gut.

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Team O'Connor said...

I just read the news! Congratulations!!! First of all, you look super hot in your bathing suit. Second of all, BEST birthday surprise EVER! and third, I'm so excited for your little baby! I can't even imagine how excited you guys must be :) Congratulations again.