May 20, 2011

transportation news.

i cannot even begin to express how this saddens my poor TH, but alas, i refuse to do the 2 door reach around for the carseat. this mama needs 4 doors! if you're in the market for a car or know someone who might be, please pass along the mini cooper blog linked here. thanks!

2. we rode our bikes to work this morning in celebration of DC's Ride Your Bike to Work Day!
it was a grand experiment and we loved it. lots of festivities at 14th and pennsylvania - giveaways, free food, a unicyclist, and lots of event photographers who wanted to take TH's picture with his fancy IRO and his tie. it was so cute.

3. the metro sucks.

the end!


Laura K said...

I will give you two hundred dollars. That is my final offer. I may be willing to throw in an Elijah.

emily said...

love riding bikes! i am also selling my car soon. i wish us both luck with speedy sales!
and congrats on the wee one on the way. how very exciting!