May 2, 2011

good morning.

this weekend was relaxing and celebratory for many reasons. the streets of DC are buzzing like crazy this morning with the news of last night. the sun isn't shining, but it sure seems like it is. everyone in the office this morning has a proud smile on their face. proud to be americans, and proud to be celebrating triumph after so many years of fighting.

it's a crazy thing to be celebrating, though, the death of a human. it does make me a little nervous that we live just a few blocks from the Capitol, knowing what a target it is. but i'm hopeful. and that is something i just haven't felt, politically speaking, in a while.

i saw the celebrations in front of the white house and we were tempted to go over there last night, but decided to watch the news from home instead. did any of you go out in the streets to celebrate? it was such a cool, historic evening.

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