May 3, 2011


so we decided last week to take a last minute vacation for my birthday. last birthday of my 20's - this is a big deal, right?

we are headed to the beach tomorrow. i can't wait to stick my feet in the sand just like i've been dreaming about for the past few months. TH kinda hates the beach because he just turns into one big freckle and squints in the sun a lot, but we got him some goggles for snorkeling and other toys so hopefully he doesn't get bored.
you know how there are two types of people who vacation - the ones who just want to lay around and the ones who want to walk around and check everything out? we are definitely more of the people who like to check things out, but hey - 5 days of laying around doing nothing sounds so perfect right now. xoxo


naomi megan. said...

have a wonderful wonderful time! when you get back, we will do a girls birthday lunch or dinner next week! e and i miss seeing you.


communikate. said...

where are you going lady?!

happy 29th! i'm coming up that number as well. it's a little freaky being that close to the 30!

hope you have a splendid time.