May 23, 2011


capitol hill is still in full bloom. i seriously can't remember better May weather in my lifetime of living in the DC area, it's been a dream. things are starting to heat up though...80's this week! i pray every day that i feel better the next so i don't have to live morning sickness in heat and humidity. that is seriously my worst nightmare. when i found out i was pregnant i was so grateful that i wouldn't be in the early sick stages or huge mama jamma in the WORST DC month of them all - August. i'm very grateful for my november due date!

TH and I had dinner this weekend with a couple of other pregnant friends. All three of us ladies are due within 2 weeks of each other, wow. It was really interesting to talk to them and hear how similar our experiences have been. Sharing miserable stories about eating mashed potatoes and mac&cheese for a week straight and metro sickness and haha, laying down at work in our closed door offices (guilty!).

It's just always really cool to share human experiences, isn't it? You realize we're all in this together, dagummit.


Laura K said...

I had elijah in september. So yeah. Pregnant is august was.. uncomfortable. You will have the perfect preggy swimsuit body! Still small, but noticeably with child.
So what kinds of car are you guys considering

nomadic gnome said...

aww thanks for the encouraging swimsuit words. i already bought a skirted swimsuit and i'm not afraid to wear it.

we are looking at subaru's - i really like the impreza wagon, but mark wants to look at VW's.

amanda jane said...

i found your blog! I did a little air fist punch when i found it. Let us know when you're lone woman in the house. We'll plan something fun. :)

Laura K said...

dad is tentatively planning on buying a VW Tiguan. but he insists that it be silver and have all the bells and whistles. ALL of them. He found one, but it got sold so he is waiting. its a pretty cool smaller-for-a-bigger car