May 31, 2011

oh, the things we did.

i can't even IMAGINE what life would be like with a 3-day weekend every week. we got so much done this weekend and got to spend time with good friends.

in no particular order, my top accomplishments of the weekend:
1. memorial day waffle party
2. nap
3. sleep in
4. memorial day concert at the Capitol
5. 2 batches of strawberry freezer jam (cara, you're my inspiration!)
6. nap
7. mark fixed the record player - we finally have a stereo!
8. watched midnight in paris
9. shopped
10. "helped" naomi and josh move to their beautiful new place
11. talked about iceland and guatemala to our friends. we're obsessed.
12. strawberry festival in virginia
13. nap
14. had all intentions of going to memorial day parade downtown and go swimming, but instead, took a nap. best decision ever with 100 degree weather.

oh man, i can't get enough sleep these days, i'm just always exhausted. and this little bump of mine is shrinking and growing every other day, it's the strangest thing. i'm ready to start looking pregnant, 16 weeks avocado baby, let's get on this.


naomi megan. said...

i'm sad we missed the waffle party-- our mattress didn't arrive until 11:45. of course!

but so glad we got to see you guys a bit this weekend- and thanks for all your "help" with the move. i'm jealous of all the naps listed in your post. but happy baby is letting you get some rest.

hanner said...

we took soooo many naps this weekend. kimmy was feeling kind of sick so we just did the low-key tourist attractions and lazed around in AC the rest of the time. so nice. also, yesterday AM was so fun. let's have another memorial day soon :)

nomadic gnome said...

oh yeah i forgot to say willards! duh, of course one of the highlights of the weekend. pork BBQ is always a highlight. :)

Lisa Maria said...

Thanks for an awesome memorial day celebration, Julie! Yesterday was the best and I can't wait for fourth of july now (I wish there were more summer holidays!). I also still have george michael stuck in my head...

Camilla Leila said...

sounds perfect. especially the freezer jam part. yum!

Camilla Leila said...

oh also, what did you think of midnight in paris? i'm dying to see it...

nomadic gnome said...

C, we LOVED the movie. the plot was not what i expected at all, but it was clever, thoughtful, and cute. really harkened back to his older movies, i thought.