May 27, 2011

polishing off the week. meeting is DONE!
...TH comes home tonight! magazines to pour through this weekend!
...halfway through Bossypants, and loving every single minute. shoes and clothes and lipstick from my uber successful shopping trip today!
...caught up on modern family and "sexy phone" is the funniest thing i've seen in a long time.
...i love central AC. LOVE it.

now onto the weekend where we consume large amounts of strawberries, BBQ, and enjoy memorial day concerts and parades. life is good, friends.

ps rolling thunder is in town this weekend and it's secretly my FAVORITE thing on the planet even though i complain loudly every year how annoying the loud motorcycles are. whatevs, they are awesome.

1 comment:

Laura K said...

when you are done, pass that book on to meeee!