Nov 9, 2011

40 weeks today, and i'm in good company.

today marks the official 40 weeks for me. but i've been anticipating this for a while. two things i didn't expect while pregnant? my sister-in-law and sister are both pregnant, too!

we found out jodi was pregnant a few months ago (a little boy due in December) and i was ecstatic to know little tiny T will have a cousin close in age. and then jenny dropped the bomb on me on halloween - she and AJ are expecting their second baby in June! my whole pregnancy i've been trying to convince one of my sisters to get pregnant so we can have little tummy babes together, and finally it worked. and not a moment too soon!

i can't wait till next summer when all the new babies are here, and we can all play together. i'm preparing you now for the ridiculous pictures of the baby trio.

and with that, i'm off to hip swivel and walk some stairs.


Laura K said...

I'm still raving about that dancing video you put up yesterday. It gives tony the creeps but I think it's hilarious and amazing with a touch of awkward.

naomi megan. said...

how fun to all be pregnant together! i hope that'll happen someday with me and my sisters.

good luck on those stairs! ps. they never worked for me.