Nov 11, 2011

it's a lucky kind of day.

on a crisp, cool windy day, with red, yellow, and brown leaves falling all around, a girl awoke and decided "today is a day for babies to be born". and so she goes about her day doing everything under the sun to make that happen.

spicy thai lunch with a friend, ginger and cayenne cookies, words of encouragement from grandma, some red leaf raspberry tea, acupressure, and enough walking to make the hips so sore.

now how to communicate this to baby...i had mark tell baby that today is the day in romanian in case that is the baby's language, and i interpreted into spanish, too. can't hurt, right? :)

have a great weekend!


P-Cute said...

Come on baby! What is it with kids these days already disobeying while in the womb :)?

The Oylers said...

I'm dying to know if you have had that baby...I think I have checked your blog and facebook about a million times...good luck with everything.

MonstarrLove said...

It must have REALLY been a lucky day for you!!