Nov 4, 2011

so long, office!

winding down, after 2.5 years of coming into this job every day. today marks the last day of working non-parent. from here on out, any job i have, i will be a working mom! a mom, i tell you!

i can't tell you how happy i am that i gave a definative end-date before baby. there's no way i could continue to come in day after day. my belly has doubled in size over the past couple of weeks and it's getting a little awkward sitting in business meetings with a basketball shaped bump under my shirt.

after today, if anybody wants to find me, i'll be:
at home planted firmly on the couch,
taking long walks around the neighborhood, or
eating spicy, spicy food

happy weekend!


2nd said...

Yay, you're almost there! Happy relaxing!

Stevie Leigh said...

So exciting! Enjoy this time!

communikate. said...

hip! hip!