Nov 25, 2011


grateful for family, new and old. (but, especially the newest little family member!)
Henry, 8 days old.
Lizzie and Henry.
Rowlett girls + Henry.
Taylor family + Henry.
Henry looks at mama.
Henry, we LOVE you. I'm so grateful for this sweet little boy, grateful to be his mother, and grateful for Mark and what an amazing father he is. My heart has grown 100 times bigger since becoming a mother and watching him become a father.


emily said...

congrats again. what a perfect thanksgiving blessing to have!

Rowdy Rowlett's said...

It's so true... You never would imagine your heart had the capacity for so much pure unconditional love for someone who doesn't have to give anything in return, and yet in their little smile and deep stare into your eyes you know they are saying "I love you no matter what...were in this together and I trust you completely".

communikate. said...

he's so sweet! what a happy thanksgiving indeed.

P-Cute said...

Henry is SO CUTE! I just want to kiss those cheeks :)!