Nov 3, 2011

the storm before the calm.

i have been on "go" mode for the past few months. too much work, too many meetings, too much planning and crafting and buying for baby, just too much. it keeps me up at nights thinking how un-ready i am, but how can that be?! i am busy all the time!

yesterday i took an early day and finished some things around the house that had been nagging me. like packing the hospital bag. geez. who waits until 39 weeks to pack that thing? hopefully it will be finished after a target run today. i bought some frames to hang in baby's corner, and some crafts to work on should the baby want to cozy up for another week or 2 or 3. i also worked on some freezer meals.

i feel a little more prepared. but in a way it's nice to have been so busy. i haven't had time to sit around and fret about waiting for a baby (yet, anyway). i know baby will come when the time is right. and waiting for a baby has to be the weirdest thing anyone ever does in their lifetime. waiting for this tiny human that will change your life in ways you cannot even dream.
waiting for...
...that first cry
...a new voice in your house
...giggles and coos from a beautiful babe

waiting to see TH be a dad. waiting to be a mother.

our life of "just the two of us" is soon coming to a close, and we couldn't be more crazy/nervous/happy/tired/excited/anxious/joyful.


Heath said...

True, true... it IS the weirdest thing to be waiting for a baby. Glad you're all packed and ready to go..... cause I'm ready to see this baby!! FYI... in my mind its a boy. But I've been known to be wrong a time or two. Or always, whateves. ;)

hanner said...

oh mama.

i love the giraffe in the pants! lolz all around.

Veronica said...

I do not recommend packing your hospital bag when your water breaks three days after your due date in the middle of the night. So you're totally ahead of the game. And the waiting really is the weirdest. I'm so excited for you though! If the last three days are any indication, you're gonna love it.

i. bloggit said...

come on lil baby taylor!

Eliza said...

So fun. Those last few it. Some of my favorite memories.

I never have had a hospital bag packed ahead of time. Superstitious, maybe?

I think you are having a girl by the way. That is my official prediction. Not that you asked, but there it is anyway!

emily said...

so exciting!! i'm so happy and nervous for you. i love:
"...that first cry
...a new voice in your house
...giggles and coos from a beautiful babe"