Nov 10, 2011

celebrating due date day.

due date day, waiting.
due date day. iwo jima.
due date day, chick-fil-a
apparently baby had no idea that yesterday was its due date, but we didn't let that dampen our spirits. TH took the afternoon off so we could do some baby celebrating. starting at chick-fil-a and ending in georgetown at the movie theatre, it was a perfectly lovely evening spent with my husband. we did lots of walking, bought a cute outfit for the baby, had lots of good talks about being a mom and dad, and lots of talking to the babe to let it know that TIME'S UP! you get a good 40 weeks in my belly without pressure, but now mama is actively trying to get you to come out and meet the world!

this morning, my midwife gave me some tips to bring labor on and hopefully we'll be meeting this baby soon. full moon tonight, low pressure system is here, and i've been hip swiveling on my yoga ball all day. baby, come out!


naomi megan. said...

baby, we all wanna meet you! and see if you're a girl or boy (i say girl. even though last week i said boy.) come out come out! eleanor can't wait to meet her new bff!

communikate. said...

great picture of you two!

i'm telling you, eleven eleven eleven is awesome!

good luck lady!

Rowdy Rowlett's said...

My $ is still on the 14th & a girl