Nov 1, 2011

a day off.

yesterday was one of those days.

couldn't get out of bed.
belly too big to get dressed.
doctor's waiting room full of crazy people.
baby still very very cozy in my belly.
no parking spots in my neighborhood because of crazy halloween.

but things did get better. i went on a good walk with a friend that helped clear my head a little bit, got a phone call from someone i love with some extremely good news, and then TH rubbed my feet while we talked about our day. turns out his wasn't so great either - we both had a wicked case of the mondays (or manboobs. have you seen this?!).


Laura K said...

Hey, you never know how ' cozy' babies are. they did a test on me that determines if you will go in to labor within two weeks that came back negative... Two hours later I was almost 5cm.

nomadic gnome said...

please tell me more about this.

Laura K said...

but you are way past this point, if my calendar is correct.