Sep 15, 2006

All in a days work

I haven't seen enough sunrises in my life.
After discussing this last night with my friend, Mike, we decided to rise to the occasion. We decided we should make the most of our last couple weeks in Alaska and get out and do things, no matter what the cost. Be it money, sleep, previous friendships, bonds of secrecy, etc.
I also decided that I haven't eaten enough hearty triple bypass inducing breakfasts this year. Sometimes you just need a big pancake in the morning. If I had a kitchen, that would be simple. But I have no kitchen. So it's a bit tricky.
With these two realizations coinciding last night, Mike and I came up with a brilliant plan.

We would go to The Northern Most Denny's in the World.

So we met in the lobby at 6 AM. We were so excited to go eat crispy hash browns and sugary breakfast foods. I was especially excited.

When we got to Denny's, it was dark.

Having never been to breakfast yet this summer, nor been to Denny's in atleast since that fateful day next to La Quinta when Tanner was running up and down the aisles and spending all my quarters on the claw machine, I couldn't believe how quickly I forgot about the awesome portion sizes.
Jim went with the standard. The All-American Grand Slam.

Can you believe he only ate half of a pancake? That was after he ate all of his sausage and bacon. And after he took all my meat, too. And some hash browns. Jim is a carnivorous root plant lover.
Mike on the other hand, was still half asleep whilst shoveling his Denver Omelette with the coveted english muffin.

I, on the other hand, was faithful to my french toast craving. I've been dreaming about french toast for weeks now. The grease that melted over the plate made it look just as shiny as the laminated menu. I love to put sugar on top of my french toast. Yummy granules and butter...

Since we had prime seating options, we sat by the window to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful.

What a successful morning! And we accomplished all this before going to work! I just wish I didn't feel like this:


Jenny said...

Julie, how do you always manage to find the grizzly bear men with the beards and half-glazed eyes? Is this the same person that you've been friends with for the past 5 years, or different people, shockingly similar in appearance?

Also, that last picture is actually me. After I ate at Denny's. And I have a baby in my belly. I got the baby from Denny's. It was covered in sugar and butter too, like your french toast. We named him Frenchy Denny Evans.

nomadic gnome said...

It is the same person. I hired him on as my mountain man friend years ago. He's a loyal employee, though I must say, he receives excellent benefits.

nomadic gnome said...

Can I eat him?

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