Sep 21, 2006

television for the masses

I'm going to go along with Eric on this one and urge everyone out there to watch tonight's season premiere of

Thats right, The Office. When I first saw this picture, I thought "Where is Pam?" She looks totally different. My second thought was "Is that a picture of an animal mounting another animal on Jims shirt?" I think it is.

So I don't normally watch TV. The only successful syndicated programs that got me hooked in the past few years have been: Grey's Anatomy and The Office. Unless you count Alias, which, if we're counting The Office then really I should count Alias. Because I didn't start watching Alias until season 4, and I caught up on all the first 3 seasons on DVD. I recently did the same with The Office, having finished the season 2 finale on Monday. This is a much more effective method of watching TV shows. No suspense, it's like a 20 hour long movie. Heathbar and I watched seasons 1-3 of Alias in like a month. We stayed up until 4 AM countless nights watching these episodes because we just couldn't wait to find out what happened. That Sydney is so hot right now. Even post baby, her and the Afflack are a hot item. She upped his stock by a good 6 points.

While all you lovers of The Office have been waiting in suspense for the entire summer, I have been waiting for a painstaking 3 days. Suckers.