Sep 28, 2006

It's your shadow!

I have a problem.

You know that one movie where three little kids live in London and they have to resort to their own creative minds to fly into NeverNeverLand to escape the woes of society that exists in their stifling home? And you know that one old guy in the movie who runs around the whole time, relaying in his gruffly old voice, "I've lost my marbles"? I am his American counterpart.

I have lost my marbles. Do you know what else I have lost? Everything. That is why I have lost my marbles. Let me relay to you the items I have lost over the past 2 weeks:
1. My room key (which kept me locked out of my room all weekend, forced to spend my nights on a small and mildly uncomfortable loveseat)
2. My key to my work office (which if not found, will send my name to a list in DC. A naughty list of sorts)
3. My drivers license
4. My debit card
5. My friends keys (He let me borrow his car for the week while he was gone and I lost his entire set of keys--his office key, car key, post office key, and something else that looked relatively goldenly small and important)
6. My favorite black sweatshirt
7. My mind

I am a mess. My mind is mashed potatoes right now. MASHED POTATOES. I'm leaving in like 34 hours and I can't seem to get anything done. I need to look for the crap that I've lost within the next 34 hours when I'm not working or sleeping. And, what do I do about my friends keys? How do you lose an entire set of keys? WITH A KEYCHAIN? What do I tell my friend? How can I get out of this situation unscathed? I will probably never see him again because he gets back from out of town after I leave tomorrow. Should I leave him monetary restitution? Should I leave an I'm Sorry Note underneath his door? But I really value his friendship and I want to visit him in his new home in Seattle.
Luckily, according to Murphy's Law, I probably won't lose anything else, because I've already lost all the important stuff.


Jill said...

Are you in love? That is the only explanation I can think of. Well I guess that only kind explanation I can think of. I lost my passport while I was in England, but luckily they didn't want to keep me.

brookem said...

Aww... sucks you keep losing things!
You said you're leaving soon... so you'll probably be packing and going through things- your friends keys are bound to show up, I'm sure, and hopefully the other stuff you lost too. Sorry to hear you're mashed potatoes! Hang in there and good luck finding everything- let me know how it goes!

Cara said...

Maybe Martine or Naomi (remember way back in college days) has somehow snuck up to Alaska and stolen them like they stole all my stuff, even my money!!! Still angry about that...see I have issues too

Jenny said...

Check his car. I locked my keys in the car the other day and we looked for them for an hour before we decided to give up, then we saw them in the car. Also, check couch cushions and the lost and found. And check your dirty laundry too. AJ's stuff always turns up in the laundry.

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