Mar 25, 2010

married again.

TH got home early this morning after 4 days of being out of town. i told him that i had started dating again because I felt like I never even got married. we got married march 6th and had only been at our house for one night since then! but now it's all back to normal. yay.

my sister had her little bebe. 4 lbs 12 oz, and the most healthy small babe you've ever seen! she is pink and looks so strong. they named her evelyn sharon after our grandmother and her hubs grandmother. i love her so much already and can't wait to meet her!

i was late to work this morning because i had to hang out with TH for just a minute before we both left for work. we ate breakfast and here's what it was: 2 macarons from laduree, babybell cheese, and leftover brussell sprouts and pasta. it was the best breakfast i've ever had and now i'm wondering why i've only started to eat french cookies for breakfast now in my life? my day is off to a great start! did i tell you i ate a macaron every day in london? i would walk down to harrods, buy one macaron (rose and pistachio are the best!), and walk around south kensington admiring the architecture and gardens and cute babies everywhere. ahhh salivate. what was the point of this post again??...oh yes. TH is home. turns out i'm pretty happy to be married to him.

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hanner said...

macarons!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaugh. that's been the wallpaper on our computer for months. ahah. and i've had this macaron recipe sitting around for months just begging for me to try it. i need to get on that.