Mar 22, 2010


mostly, anyway.

we're back from london as of 5pm last night and what a welcome home - it was 75 degrees and sunny and coming from the 50 degree rainy london weather, i nearly cried. we drove home with the windows down and the music up, then walked around eastern market for awhile, just dying at the good weather. love love love.

i need to upload pictures along with a billion other things (i.e. 2 weeks of laundry, finish moving in, oh yeah open wedding presents), but just wanted to let you know we are back. and we are very very happy about it.

dc is wonderful and perfect for us right now. so glad we live here and so glad for all the lovely family and friends we have close by.

gah, ok and now it's raining outside, but i have no qualms. in fact, i don't even mind it. just so happy to be HOME and not living in hotel anymore. and now i get to start living with a boy. wish me luck. good sign is that he did the dishes last night and we watched 3 episodes of friends while eating Thai take out. so i can say that so far, so good.



modestmuse said...

How fun! Welcome back.

hanner said...

welcome home! i do love a good thunderstorm so today is great. allergies, not so much.