Mar 30, 2010

home wears.

we changed around a rug from the living room to the bedroom and now i LOVE the couch.

It just proves that after all these years, I am still a Person Who Loves Rearranging Furniture. I've been doing it since I was like 8 years old. I used to move around the couches while my parents weren't looking, move my bed to the other wall and the dresser kitty corner (caddy corner?). I have a need to keep things fresh, people. And figure out the best chi for my living arrangement.

Right now that involves purchasing a headboard, an ottoman, an armchair, and another rug. Craigslist is turning up all kinds of lame items as of late. Flea markets and vintage stores, here I come!


hanner said...

augh, KITTY CORNER! haha. i think that's an east/west coast thing. i've only heard people say caddy out here.

AlliJean said...

Columbia Heights is having a community-wide yard sale this Saturday. There might be some cool stuff there!

I'm going to return to my lurking now. :-)