Mar 23, 2010

everything is changing.

you leave for 2 weeks and boy, things totally go nuts.

new husband.
new apartment.
new car (to me).
new last name (as soon as i make it to the name changing place).
new haircut (pictures to come. a london haircut.)

and it's not just me changing.

my sister is just about ready to have her baby girl! she isn't due until may 7th, but looks like she's coming early. i'm just praying so hard that everything goes smoothly and laura and tony can be calm and peaceful (which truly isn't hard for them - they are so relaxed and calm all the time!).

i'm fighting all urges to hop on a plane out to utah to help out and be with laura and her family. it's so hard being away from family sometimes!!


hanner said...

haircut! did you chop it all off?? can't wait to see it.

Cara said...

Lots and lots of changes - but good changes for the most part (hope your sister and family do well - keep us posted) but being married is the greatest! Everyone says the first year is hard, but it wasn't that hard for me - I loved every minute of it and still do!

Jathan and Heather said...

What? Laura's gonna have her baby? Hope everything goes well, and she gets here safe! Keep us posted.
And WELCOME BACK =) Can't wait to see pictures... especially of your London hair cut! Miss ya chica, Heath