Mar 26, 2010

weekend tripping.

was splashed by a car driving through a puddle this morning. don't care.
meeting with The Man this morning. don't care.
raining outside. don't care.

ok, maybe i care a little about the rain, but nothing can dampen these spirits! we're taking a weekend trip to oklahoma for a family event. i'm really so excited to see my family again and while it may be tough to be yet again away from home, at least we get to spend some quality time with my favorite people. laura and tony and babies you will be missed! and rob and jo and abby you will be missed! and apartment and big windows to spy on people - you will be missed!

next weekend will be another non-homebound weekend, too, with gen conference and family close by we are bound to end up there saturday and sunday!

have a great weekend. enjoy those 2 days like your life depends on it.

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