Mar 29, 2010

back home and DONE traveling.

still can't find my camera cord...think i lost it...but pictures are coming i swear.

oklahoma was ok. ha - those jokes didn't stop! but, really it was pretty fun to be around family i hadn't seen in a coons age. my dads family is awesome and totally funny. turns out a lot of us look like my grandma - i had never seen younger pictures of her - but she gave us all her cheeks and eyes. so cool! she was quite a babe in her younger years.

we played with babies a lot. and hung out with family telling jokes. and ATE. and watched a weird movie on hotel cable. and mary and clint tried oysters for the first time. mark had already eaten them and i'm sure felt like an oyster connoisseur, even though every time i tell him they look like boogers he gets a little sick and doesn't want to eat them. oklahoma was windy and rainy and beautiful. and on the last night, TH and i drove to sonic for route 44 strawberry limeades and tater tots. YUM!

glad to be home. now comes the hard part - organization.

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