Mar 3, 2010

doing things.

last night was awesome. thanks to the lovely cristy, i found the perfect accessories for wedding day 2010. then we came home and made a good dinner and i treated TH to an hour of television. funny how much he gets a kick out of TV. i mean, sure jon stewart is hilarious, but i don't know. TH was so appreciative that he gave me a backrub without me even asking or begging like i usually do (pathetic, i know). anyway, i was quite pleased. he left at 10pm and i was exhausted. i slinked upstairs to go to bed, and because i normally come home at like midnight or 1am lately, i usually just push everything off the bed and crawl in. and try to ignore the growing piles of stuff on the floor.

but last night i was still coherant enough to realize i was living in squalor. so i stayed up past midnight throwing things away, hanging up clothes, and packing up to move my stuff in a couple days. and guess what? i still didn't find those gift cards! where are you, little guys? mama needs a new something for free, please!

i also started packing for our honeymoon part 1, and tried on some swimsuits. luckily it was one of the last things i did, because then i was able to crawl into bed pretending that i didn't just see myself in a swimsuit. then i woke up this morning and did 200 situps and 20 pushups and some lunges. cause you know, that's gonna make the difference in 3 days. gah.

ps did i tell you where we're going on honeymoon?
part one
part two



hanner said...

this post totally made me laugh out loud. probably because you referred to yourself as mama. and because whoever is married to someone who voluntarily gives backrubs, i would like to meet this person, because robbie is a saint and does NOT do this for me.

looking forward to hanging out when life is normal. and seeing you this weekend!

nomadic gnome said...

haha. yeah, this lady i used to work with would always get drunk at our conferences and say things like "mama needs a gin and tonic" or "mama needs a new blackberry".

it killed me. it still kills me. but now it's one of my very favorite jokes, so i think - in the end - i win.

Cara said...

We call our Zumba instructor mama. Not really sure why...anyway, wish I could somehow grow money and fly up for your wedding, but my well wishes will have to do and thinking of you this weekend as I'm so excited for you and your honeymoon sounds fabulous!