Apr 8, 2010

money burning holes in our pockets.

TH jokes that everytime we leave the house we spend $500. in all fairness, most of the time we end up taking things back and not really ever spending $500. BUT we have discovered that furnishing a house from nothing is pretty expensive. we've found some good deals, and already rotated 2 rounds of furniture through the house and back out the craigslist door. but last night i think we made some honest progress.

we went to pick up an old mid-century modern desk and it was scribbled all over - it needed to be refinished in a bad way. not about to throw down a lot of money on what will turn out to be a huge project (and would likely never happen anyway). so we scrapped it and went to west elm, bought a rug and a small parsons desk (it's so teeny and cute!) and picked up a bookshelf from another craigslister. and sold some of our furniture last night on craigslist. this post is a commercial for craigslist, i know, but i love me some good deals on old furniture. and i found the cord for our record player last night and i played some rhapsody in blue and danced for TH. i am a graceful dancer, just ask our neighbors beneath us - they probably thought we were having an elephant tap dance. womp womp.

so this saturday we are on the hunt again for some smaller furniture (end tables, nightstands, side chair, etc) and then we can start filling in the holes with accessories. house accessories. i think my sister and i are getting together next week to make curtains for our new houses (they just bought a house in manassas). so, things are moving along. i am happy.

making a house a home is HARD work! i hope we can make it work. i'm tired of clutter.

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Jen Evans said...

Amen. Today we dropped about $500 too, but it was on BIKES!!! Wonderful, beautiful bikes. And a desk for AJ.

I want to find brightly colored everything and make my house a bright blue and white wonderland. Join me at Ikea. And Target.

Also, cable makes the world go round. I love our DVR.