Apr 28, 2010


i got a new shirt from french connection that i thought was totally hip and fresh. i tried it on for TH last night and here's how it went:

i showed him the shirt. "whaaa...hahaha...did you ever think you'd buy a shirt like that? haha"
i'm putting on the shirt. "what! are you kidding me?"
i show him the shirt. (at this point, nearly rolling around on the floor laughing) "come on! you look like a seahorse in that! are you serious?!"

was my pride hurt? a little. am i still going to wear the shirt? you bet. on every single date with TH for the next couple weeks. anyway, seahorses are awesome and cool and plus the men have babies too if you are a seahorse. i'm cool with that.

i couldn't find a link to the shirt, but it looks like this, only without the skirt part. i still think it's cute.


mike said...

Two points mark. That was funny.

Peppermint Patty said...

You could make it look good though Julie! You have good fashion sense. But I can see where the sea horse thing comes in. It could be worse. He could have said another animal.

hanner said...

hahahaha... awesome! i don't ask robbie anymore what he thinks of my clothes. just leads to disappointment. FTR i think it's cute.

JD said...

well done to mark, although i haven't seen the outfit.