Apr 13, 2010

my heart is home.

turns out a 3.5 hour train ride to nyc makes for a nice short 2 day trip.

working during the day, but a night out shopping and eating with my bestie last night made for an unforgettable 24 hours in nyc. i really miss jess and it was so good to see her! she hung out with me on wedding day and made me laugh all day. i love her lots.

what i ate in 24 hours:
lunch at defontes near gramercy (italian tuna sub). they have the best bread!
shopping in soho at muji and uniqlo.
2 mini cupcakes at baked by melissa - cinnamon was heartbreakingly good.
dinner at red bamboo. their chicken tastes like chicken. it's weird. and awesome.
dessert at eileen's special cheesecake. the best cheesecakes i've ever eaten.
breakfast at absolute bagels, my fav bagel spot. again, heartbreakingly good.
quick lunch at a pizza spot before taking off on the bolt bus.
but not before grabbing some cookies from levains! (and now i'm hearing all this buzz about their cinnamon rolls, too. i'll be checking it out soon.

yes, the diet starts this week, my friends. if you ever need food recommendations, don't ask me unless you are taking me with you because i get super depressed to know other people are eating my favorite foods.

but let's not kid ourselves, i really, really, really miss this city.

can i move back now, please?


hanner said...

ah MUJI! that's where we need to go during our visit. i miss.

Eric said...

Julie I like you because you are one of the few people that thinks about food more than I do. Well done friend.

Jen Evans said...

This Saturday:

Logan's Roadhouse for dinner, complete with free peanuts and massive amounts of red meat.

Angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and easter sparkly sprinkles on them.

Diet next week!