Apr 5, 2010

weekend review.

allergies? i have a headache. probably slight allergies because EVERY single plant in DC is in bloom right now. It's beautiful, but making me stuffy nosed and headached. But I think worth it. The other night we were walking around at night and cherry blossoms and dogwoods and magnolia trees were in full bloom everywhere, and tulips bright and beautiful - it looked like a movie set for Spring. it did not feel real, but i felt really lucky to be living here!

this weekend was completely different than what i thought it would be. we were planning on getting our apartment fixed up a bit. instead, we had breakfast with friends, my dad showed up after seeing the cherry blossoms and we all went to eastern market for the afternoon to check out the flea market and eat pickles from "in a pickle" (yum!), and then TH and i just slept and were lazy the rest of the afternoon.

we had such beautiful weather this weekend, but there was one problem. friday night i realized that our car is being taken over by spiders!!! my literal worst worst fear in life is now encapsulating the car i drive. it's awful. TH thinks they are just banana spiders, but i'm worried they are aggressive because one of them was standing up on its back legs like it was trying to intimidate me. i was freaking freaking out. we got a car wash friday night to get rid of them, but didn't work - we found 3 more last night. what are we supposed to do?? TH says to just wait it out - they will go away - but i say we dip the car in spider-be-gone and then burn it and buy a new one? that seems to me the only logical choice.

oh and also we played candyland with lizzie yesterday and then we made her answer questions and she had the funniest answers like:
what's your favorite food - "soup"
who is your boyfriend - "ernie"
what color are your eyes - "black"

but we made her answer the questions while doing funny things like standing on her head or sticking out her tongue. she is a lot of fun. thanks for having us over, family!


hanner said...

call car talk! i swear i hear them answer a bug infestation question at least once a month.

naomi megan. said...

our car was infested with spiders all last summer and they are back! we killed two last week and see webs all over. they drop down from the trees do try not to park under them. seriously. it is the worst! and so scary when one drops down from the ceiling onto your face while you're driving.... or run across the dashboard. worst part is that they blend in with the beetle's interior. i hate it. if you guys find anything that kills them off, let us know.

p.s. we had fun with you two on saturday. i tried sour cream on my crepe (yep, we made more on sunday) and it was actually kind of tasty. yay!

Eric said...

Julie I have been concerned about this ever since I saw this movie:


Tread cautiously my friend.

JD said...

"I was freaking freaking out." Awesome.

(not the fact that you were freaking out, but how that phrase just works well)

Ro Ro Riot said...

AHA! I have finally found you. I suggest NOT watching Arachnophobia anytime soon.