Oct 29, 2010

st. elmos fire

i watched this brat pack drama last night and it really captured some horrible things from the 80's, some of which hasn't yet resurfaced in the latest 80's revival.
things that are back in style:
*bows in hair.
*nerd glasses.
*the saxophone (*wink* TH plays the saxomaphone).
*throwing huge parties.
*um, cocaine?
*crimped hair, although i think that already went back out, and perhaps was only "in style" in logan utah college dorms for a few semesters.

things that have not come back in vogue, and hopefully will not:
*dangly earrings for men.
*dorky laughing to make fun of someone.
*80's hair (think glamour shots with a crimper).
*whispering words.
*demi moore's party girl character.

anyone else?


hanner said...

oh my GOSH! ROB LOWE!! aaaagh i have to watch this movie again. the whispering words were too much. TOO MUCH!

Laura K said...

umm i believe mom created and still lives in the whisper trend.