Apr 29, 2011

by golly, i just love weddings.

lookie, i went to the ritz this morning with girlfriends to watch the royal wedding at 5AM!!

i got a little choked up this morning at 6am. that doesn't usually happen. but everything was so beautiful and chill-inducing. i love weddings.


P-Cute said...

i am totally jealous!! :) what an awesome way to celebrate!

communikate. said...

i know.. i got choked up myself! what a beautiful wedding and couple.

pst.. the ritz?! fancy. sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

Jen Evans said...

I've seen white suits. I've seen powder blue suits. But red? My goodness, PW is flashy!

Laura K said...

good to know though that when it comes to wedding ceremonies, even royal ones can be BOR-ING. beginning, exciting. end, exciting and relieving.