Oct 31, 2011

day trip to annapolis.

i went to 5 parties this weekend. i am 38.5 weeks pregnant and i went to FIVE parties this weekend. what's stopping me, really? besides wanting to be in sweatpants all the time, i feel fine, so why not go have fun with friends and get my mind off my long list of baby to-do's?

and then, a miracle happened on sunday. TH suggested that we take a day trip to annapolis! coming from a guy who really cherishes his lazy sundays, this was a real jump for him. and we totally made the most of it. candy, girl scout cookies, chocolate, and some amazing mexican food from jalapenos.
julie in annapolis.
julie 38.5 weeks.
mark in annapolis.
caramel apples.

annapolis was the perfect getaway to help us feel like we went out of town, and only 30 minutes from DC, we didn't feel too far away from any midwives or hospitals that might be needed. wink wink baby.


Jay & Heath said...

Seeing these pictures of you all cute and pregnant, made me smile! I am so excited for you and TH! Baby day is almost here! :) I'll be calling you soon. Happy Halloween! Xoxo

i. bloggit said...

you rock

amanda jane said...

this looks like so much fun...also, you win cutest pregnant lady. I mean, really? How do you do it?

emily said...

you're such a party animal! and p.s. i love annapolis. you look especially pretty there :)