Aug 17, 2006

Eric, the vegetarian viking

This post is especially for people who believe that hell is not hot, but cold rather.
While browsing pictures at the bbc, I came upon this rather disturbing photograph.

Something about the way the body is haphazardly placed, or maybe the "blood" at the edge of the plastic makes this person's protest very creepy.

But more importantly, I'm wondering: Is she really naked under there? I mean, that sticker thing. Is it...conveniently placed for tactical reasons? Or is it only to draw the attention of an innocent passing meateater? Not to mention, if this protest took place in the UK, where the temperatures have been busting thermometers everywhere, how is she surviving in the greenhouse-effect-like-plastic-container?

Peta really tickles my funny bone.

I remember when I was living in SLC and the fur protestors were ALWAYS out. They would stand outside temple square, almost as if they meant to target all the mormons walking between the square and crossroads mall. I don't feel like that should have been their target focus group. For maximum effectiveness, they should have headed over to Cal Ranch or Cabela's. Straight to the source, right?

Note to self: Think twice before eating tiny little women. It doesn't bode well for all the tiny little men.


Jill said...

I think that Peta is pretty funny myself. I can appreciate the message to an extent, but I don't know if their tactics are very effective. I think that wearing fur is tacky, but I would never let anything come between me and steak.

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