Aug 2, 2006

gnawing on wood

here's how it goes.

I wake up at 7:15, hit snooze, unaware that i have to work in 45 minutes.
7:25, hit snooze, thinking 'why am i setting my alarm again?'
7:35, hit snooze, stretch my legs, feel the stretch through my pointed toes, think about getting up and eating breakfast, but instead fall back asleep.
7:45, realize it's too late to eat breakfast or do anything other than throw on my clothes, wash my face, and brush my teeth.
I throw everything into my backpack and scurry to my borrowed bike, where I proceed to swiftly pedal through the parking lot, over the deserted gravel expanse, across the sidewalk, to the headshed.
While on the morning ride, I check out the weather, experience the muscles in my legs waking up, feel the tears running down my face from the wind in my eyes (due to my lightning speed bicycle abilities), and dismount the bike, 2 legs swinging over one side, as would an experienced equestrian.

It is here, at the headshed, where I quickly hang up the flag, turn on the phones, and sit at my reception desk. Then I do a mixture of the following:
1. check email
2. eat breakfast (today oatmeal and raisins, mmm...)
3. read newest US weekly blogs
4. staple someones project
5. research grad schools
6. doodle
7. shuffle papers when someone passes by
8. shop online

I do this over and over again for 9 hours. Will someone else please call me and give me a real job?