Aug 19, 2006

That flesh picture was really grossing me out everytime I logged on, so I figure I should post again. With nothing too interesting going on, I guess I will write about the irkiest thing that happened to me last night.
Was it the fact that I didn't have dinner? No, I call dinner my "health shake" followed by a healthy dose of lucky charms.
Maybe that I spent the entire night in my room watching movies by myself? No, I made a conscious decision to be alone and have "J movie night". You could only come if you had the same name as myself. And let me tell you, it was really nice to be alone for awhile. After spending days at work forced to have one mindless conversation after the next, its nice to clear your head from time to time.
Was it the fact that Jon called me a cowboy in his text? No. That was fine with me, its a nice change from the term of endearment usually reserved for me. Oh, hi Jon. I'll text you back when I stop being so elusive. Please don't trample me.
So what was the irkiest thing? It was that when I got the embarrassing Angelina Jolie movie (that took some courage to walk up to the checkout area), I opened the case at home, only to find a movie starring not large lipped Angelina, but male inspired suit wearing hat donning, Diane Keaton!!
Movies in the wrong case...not funny.