Aug 4, 2006

The northern lights were turned off early tonight

You know those times in life where you think,

"Man, that Indian man hates me."?

Today is one of those days. Here's why. Actually, here's the necessary pre-story to why. Then you'll get the real why.
Fairbanks has no Indian restaurant. Or, so everyone would have you believe. Fairbanks actually DOES have an Indian restaurant and I only know this because I am a master of both the internet and food networking. Not like the Food Network, because I don't watch that really. Rather, asking people.
"hey, so what about Indian food? Are there any good places to go around town?"
" Navajo tacos?"
"no" *sigh*

"I've heard there's an indian place in town."
"oh yeah, it's at a pizza place. I'm not sure which one, but i've heard it's really good."


After three attempts, I finally stumbled upon the Indian restaurant of Fairbanks, Alaska!! In the Pizza4Less (of which there are two, be sure to go to the correct location after ordering), there is a Monday thru Friday serving of Indian food from only 4-8. I went three weeks ago and it was heaven. I had some yummy vegetable byrani and channa masala. So I was telling my friend about this delicious restaurant. He, being a connoisseur of fine Indian food himself, was delighted at this new option which stood before him. He then suggested we go together sometime. To which my heart lept out of my chest and did a little dance on the couch between us. I don't know if his did the same, that is yet to be determined.

So are you ready for the story now?

OK. So my friend, on whom I am harboring an embarrassingly large crush, asked me last night to go get Indian food. We made plans for tonight and I proceeded to think about the Indian food outing that would take place in less than 24 hours.

Awesome food that is like Christmas everytime I eat it AND a hang out with large crush? "Yes, please".

So here's the thing about the Indian food. You must call ahead to order, and apparently, as I discovered tonight, sometimes the Indian man decides he doesn't feel like making Indian food for anybody. Even if that anybody happens to be a honey voiced sweet little lady. And even if she's slightly enamored with someone else who would be eating that Indian food next to her. It just doesn't matter.

Hmm. What should the girl do, given the present circumstances? She will probably go home and call her mommy. Because mommy's always know just how to kiss ow-ies, whether they be physical or emotional, to make you feel warm and snuggly.
Thanks mom.