Aug 14, 2007

Weekend in Washington

As promised, here is a quick review of this past weekend, my first full weekend staying at the new digs in DC.
Friday went shopping with Holly in Chinatown. We went back to the apartment, all ready to go out...but got a little sidetracked.

We had so much fun dying Iggy's hair, we decided to do it TWICE in one night. We are seriously awesome.

I made the absolute worst banana bread of my life. It was burnt on top, not cooked in the middle, and the top of the bread caved in. I was so ashamed, but no worries, I will try my hand at the culinary arts later. We picked apart the edible parts of the bread and crashed in our respective beds.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to a beautiful, hardly humid, breezy day! My roommate and I had decided to go to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. The lotus blossoms are only going for another week or so, so we definately wanted to scoot over there. The blossoms only open in the morning when it is still relatively cool outside. We spent about 2 hours there and it was amazing!!

Lotus blossom pods
Field of Lotus Blossoms

We went to Eastern Market for brunch, which I forgot to take any pictures, I was too busy scarfing down my savory crepe filled with tomatoes, onions, basil, and gruyere cheese. I only stayed for about an hour because I had to meet my mom across town to go see a matinee performance of The Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center. It was amazing. I cried. I laughed. I nearly slapped the girl next to me who was singing along for some parts. I had never seen it before, and it was a breathtaking performance!

After the show, we went to Rosa Mexicana, a fancy Mexican restaurant where they make fresh guacamole at your table, with the requested amount of heat. I got a jicama salad with pomegranete vinegrette dressing and crab empanadas with mango dressing. I recommend this place to you DC foodies. We were able to sit outside in the shade and it was still a perfect breezy evening.

After all the afternoon madness, I rushed home to meet up with my roommates and go to Adams Morgan for our favorites...the Washington Carver at Tryst! The most delicious chocolate peanut butter shake you'll ever have.

After we were bursting with chocolate-y goodness, we walked over to The Black Cat, where The White Rabbits were playing. They are amazing and they put on such a good show. I had a hard time not dancing. So...I spent the majority of the night doing just that. The other part of the night was spent kickin it with the band...or atleast pretending to!
Greg from The White Rabbits

I sunk into a very deep sleep that night, but woke up in time to go to church, renew our sentiments for the Washington Carver, and take a decent 3 hour nap. Oh, and go to a send off party for our friend, Chris, who was accepted to the Religious Studies program at USU. Congrats Chris! I'm so excited for you to live in one of my favorite little mormon valleys!

What an exhausting weekend! And things don't really seem to be slowing down either. I love living here.


Iggy Enigma said...

i appreciate seeing the different kissing styles that you and Holly have. Holly goes for the fishlip airkiss, while you prefer to eat his cheek. how could you have STILL been hungry after crepes, Mexican food, AND a Carver?!!

Sokphal said...

I love Tryst...but I actually prefer to call it Try Street. Just because I think I'm hilarious! :) Does sound like a good weekend!

Eric said...

I also enjoy your macking style. I expected nothing less, and you did not disappoint. Oh and what the hell with the banana bread. I'm shaking my head in disappointment...

Joe said...

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