Oct 12, 2010

hello world, i am in love with california.

the mission inn, with all its quirks, was a dream. after my meeting and solar tour was over, TH flew in and we kicked it there for the weekend. lots of pool time, lots of hanging out in the spa, and self-restoration. i seriously feel like a different person on this here tuesday.
we spent yesterday driving around santa monica, dropping by UCLA for a trip to in n out (and wow, i loved that campus! time to go back to school??), driving on rodeo drive (TH liked to pronounce it rodeo like cowboy rodeo. funny), and pretending we didn't care about star sightings. but seriously if i had seen suri cruise i would've gawked. the girl dresses better than me, what can i say?
TH left on the red eye last night and now i'm just hanging out for a couple more days in sunny LA.

hooray for feeling better about life. i hope you are, too.


hanner said...

i say there is nothing quite like a mediterranean style roof to get me feeling like i need to move back to the west coast. BEST COAST.

Camilla Leila said...

most of the time i feel like i need to move away from the west coast, FAR away, but then i read posts like these which remind me how lucky i am.

i'll still move some day.
but at least i'll enjoy right now a little more.

next time come to sf!