Oct 15, 2010

Mee am ee.

Here I sit, 5:45 in the morning, 2:45 pacific time, in the miami airport. Never taking a connecting red eye again, yikes.

I've never been to Miami, but I already feel like I'm getting some of the local flavor. Ocean themed everything, guava in everything, and lots of gold jewelry. Oh and strong short men in tight v neck tshirts. Yeesh. I really want to come back here and see the actual south beach madness, and make it out to the keys.

Something remarkable happened on Monday. TH and I visited Santa Monica beach and TH actually enjoyed the beach. If you haven't met TH, he is a white, befreckled sun-averse man. We've never even considered a beach vacation because he just ha no interest. Well, after this week, the tables have turned. Time for the beach, finally! Oh an when we left the beach on Monday, he looked at his forearm and said, oh look- I have a bunch of new freckles! Ha. Oh, I sure hope our babies are copper dusted like him. I just love it.

DC, see you in a few hours. Have a great weekend!!


hanner said...

my sister in-law went to south beach on business and said that it was so grody. but i also would like to go to the keys! i saw a picture of the bridge that goes between the keys and i just wanted to dive in the water. and read a hemingway book.

Eric said...

When you go back, you need to take a tour of Dexter's stomping grounds. And I will be forever disappointed in you if you weren't listening to Will Smith's 'Welcome to Miami' the entire time you were there. Easily one of the top ten best songs ever made.